Early bird

Hello hello! I’m writing this post at 6am, I decided yesterday that I’d get up early, write a post and exercise, so here I am :).

Yesterday was divided into two: a very productive day, and a not so efficient night. I got up at almost 1pm because I didn’t rest well, but I had breakfast, read the newspaper and went to my bedroom to complete my photo albums (my mom had asked me to). Afterwards, I decided to clean my bedroom: I’ve had that desire since like forever, but I finally started with some parts: I’ve realized that I applied my all or nothing attitude toward everything and that’s why I used to quit many things; now I can set myself small reachable goals that’ll lead me to the bigger ones.

In the afternoon, I cooked myself some delicious sushi, and enjoyed eating it in front of the tv. Then, I headed to my computer and that’s when my day turned less productive. If I have unlimited internet access, I start surfing Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter: bye bye productivity and self esteem. I ran into a girl who studied with me’s profile, and felt bummed because she seemed to have it all, I compared myself once again, and realized one more time, that Facebook doesn’t do me any good. I kept wasting time, until I decided to go to the kitchen, my safety place. I had a binge, a small one, but it was a binge. I ate about 7 sweet cookies, 10 salty ones, 1 chocolate bar, and on top of it all, I had some cereal with milk. When the zoning out part was done, I started feeling disappointed in me, but then I remembered Shaye saying that there would be some stumbles along the recovery and that we should be kind and understanding with our lovely selves, so I calmed down, and didn’t beat myself up about it. That analysis helped me to avoid barfing thoughts.

“Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who didn’t realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”.-Thomas Edison

Good day!




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