Conspiring universe

It’s amazing how, when one feels at ease, and gets in the frequency of positivity, the universe starts to conspire in favor.

Since Monday, my relationship with the not-so-liked partner, has been so much better and harmonic. I’ve been so happy in my current job this week, I sometimes question my doubts concerning it… I haven’t figured out that thing yet, but my attitude has definitely changed, and it’s affecting very positively. Yesterday I went to a Fitball-Pilates class and had such a great time I couldn’t remember why I stopped attending them.

I just got back from the gym, I ran for 50 minutes on the treadmill because the Zumba teacher decided there were not enough people to have class. Running gave me time to think, it always does.

I almost binged today, and barfing definitely crossed my mind: I felt like the old barfing days. I had a not-so-good day and at night (where my urges to eat everything on sight happen), I was about to binge, it started with an oatmeal cookie, half a doughnut, 1 salty cookie and cous cous. I prepared myself a cous cous mix with vegetables and chicken, but I wanted to eat the whole bowl (a big one), and then keep going with whatever food crossed my path. I even got angry when my mom entered the kitchen (usually when I binge, I wanna be left alone) and wanted her out of there so I could keep eating as much as I could in a small amount of time. I served a rather large portion of cous cous on my plate, and sat to eat with her. When I started eating, I remembered to enjoy it and calm down. I am sure it had a lot to do with the fact that my mom was there with me, but I like to think that the universe is conspiring to help me stop bingeing. I’m gonna go to sleep now, very happy that yet again, I consciously stopped another “bulimic episode” from happening.

Today’s phrase comes from Serena Dyer’s twitter, and I must live with this in mind:

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily”-m. murdock

Love, E









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