If they sold a drug that makes you feel the way I am feeling right now, I would be addicted to it, and would never binge again in my life. I only ran for 30 minutes but it was enough to feel like anything is possible, to grasp my visualizations and to quiet that little voice that said I couldn’t go any further… it’s such an exciting an unexplainable high!

Note to self: run, and run more often!!!! I ran for half an hour at 7.4 m/p hr, and sprinted at the end of every song (on my ipod) for a minute at 9m/p hr. What I’m gonna do is increase the speed every time I jump on the treadmill. I’m not gonna set myself goals such as running on a daily basis, because I tend to become obsessed, I much prefer living in the present. I’m aware it makes me feel amazing and I deserve feeling that way as constantly as possible, so, instead of treating myself with food, I’ll do it with challenging exercise (challenging being the key word).

I’m also starting meditation today, I need to be more in contact with myself in order to make significant changes in my life, and meditation is a path I haven’t explored yet.

I’ll end this post with a very beautiful quote from one of my new gurus:

“Whatever it is that you want, start contemplating it as a real possibility, then start feeling it in your body, and then just watch what happens!”.-Serena Dyer


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