Incredibly good thinking

Wow! The things that go through my mind when I run! I wish I could feel like I do on the treadmill the whole day, because my mind turns into pure positivity and happiness. My body was eager to feel like I did yesterday, so I needed my running fix. Today, I added a shower with cold cold water and I feel like running again haha, I highly recommend to do that. I had to come here and write everything I thought and imagined while “getting high”:

What I love and enjoy most about my current job, is that I own my time, and I’m my own boss, meaning that there is no one I have to prove myself to, no one to impress. I have realized that my main issue, ever since my first job (and my career), is that I felt like I had to be the “perfect” employer and didn’t wanna make my boss angry. I didn’t push myself because of me, but because there was someone I had to do stuff for. During my career I could be lazy all semester long, but when the finals’ deadline approached, I worked like crazy. What I am saying is that I have never pushed myself into being disciplined for me, but only to fulfill a duty in order to receive some kind of praise or reward (like a Pavlov dog haha). The fact that I am currently “on my own” has made me realize how much discipline I lack and how much I need it. So, right now I’m in the process of being disciplined, in every aspect of my life.

Kids! I thought about kids! I imagined myself having children with a husband whose job allowed him to travel all year long with our family. I remember I once heard the story of a very wealthy couple who had two kids that were really outgoing and humble due to the fact (amongst other facts, I assume) that they traveled a lot and would go to both expensive and cheap hotels in order for them to stay  grounded. Don’t ask me why I remembered that during my 35-minute-run, but I did and I want it.

I also analyzed the ex situation, and realized how pathetic it would be getting back with him (because I did think about it). Yes, he’s French, yes he’s a gorgeous blue-eyed, tall, polite, faithful, well educated man with a pretty sweet accent, he is all that! BUT he is also a pot and tobacco addict who didn’t do much to stay in touch while being in another continent…besides, he likes boring stuff, doesn’t make me laugh much and, brace yourselves, hates dancing and pop music (!!!!). He was a good first boyfriend, and he overwhelmed both my parents, but I KNOW with all my heart and intention, that I can do (and deserve!) so much better. The hardest thing to do here is gonna be breaking my mom and dad’s hearts, who have been rooting for him ever since he was the next guy I liked after the emo truck driver I semi-dated 2 years ago.

Another running-epiphany business wise: I should be investigating, in my free time, about successful people and successful businesses to get inspired and get ideas for my own, instead of going through Facebook , Twitter or Pinterest.

There you have it! Beauuuutiful things happen when I exercise. The only problem I see here, is that I have many thoughts, ideas and visualizations… I must narrow it down so I can be sure of what I really really want to materialize.

Imagine if I used my mind power to its fullest! I am starting to do so, and amazing things have already started happening.

“Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.”

Kisses, lovely readers!



2 thoughts on “Incredibly good thinking

    • Wooow, Shaye! I’m so happy to have a message from you! You have become a very important mentor to me ;). I cannot thank you enough for creating such an amazing source for recovery. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally. Without your site, that wouldn’t have been possible.
      Lots and lots of love!

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