What I want

I started meditating on Monday, it’s a “guided” meditation, meaning that I listen to my Wayne Dyer for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 at night, training me to be a co-creator of my reality :). In the morning meditation it’s required to visualize what it is I wish to manifest, but the thing is that I don’t quite know what it is I wanna manifest!

I’m clear on wanting to have a good relationship with food, to nourish my self-love, to reach my ideal weight and rock a bikini, but:

I wanna have lots of money

I wanna travel around the world

I want a job I absolutely love and makes me rich

I want a boyfriend who makes me laugh, is crazy about me and drives me crazy

I wanna dance all my life

I wanna wear fashionable clothes all the time

I wanna inspire other people

I wanna be recognized

I wanna learn French, Portuguese and Italian

I wanna learn new things all the time

I wanna meet inspiring people

I wanna stop comparing myself to others

I wanna drink wine

I wanna go to NY and shop like crazy

I wanna read more

I want to find everything there is about typography and editorial design

I wanna be a watercolor expert

I wanna excel in everything I do

I wanna create my reality

I want a flat abs

I want a firm, perky butt

I wanna run every day

I wanna be my own role model

Now, how do I narrow that down into one visualization? That’s when I get into a pickle. Good thing I’m already starting to build my path into the first 4 wishes. I’m gonna let go and let God, then.

Thank you Universe!

Thanks for reading

Love, E


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