Craving cravings

I always get cravings in the afternoon amongst 6-8pm… it’s 7:44pm now and I just came back from the kitchen.

One important step in recovery is “Structured eating”, which basically consists on eating 3 meals, 3 snacks, every 3 hours throughout the day. I can handle doing it during the morning, but the cravings in the afternoon have become a habit I can’t seem to get rid of.

I ate an amaranth bar at 5pm, but got hungry again at 7pm, so I went downstairs , grabbed an apple and, since there was no peanut butter to spread on it, I grabbed a dark chocolate nutrigrain bar and made myself a little apple/chocolate/granola sandwich. Pretty tasty, but realizing that there was more than half an apple left, I grabbed as much honey-almond fiber cereal as my small hand could grasp so I could finish my apple. I grabbed about 6 or 7 fists of cereal, and ended up eating 2 wholewheat cookies because I was cloyed of the previous “snacks”. I absolutely love snacks involving any cereal group, so I’ll have to prepare beforehand tasty non-cereal snacks in order to avoid going to the kitchen and take the up-for-grabs caloric food.

While I eat without sitting down or taking the time, I feel guilty, anxious, disappointed, but unable to stop… I love the pleasure and safety food provides me. I’m also a little nervous for a website we have to release next week for one of my clients.

I’m gonna go for a run now, I really need it.

Kisses, lovely readers!

Love, E


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