I commit to love and respect myself from here to eternity

Self love, oh, self love! How obvious and logical it sounds, how hard it seems to breed and how little work we put into it(or, at least how little work I put into it). My most important relationship should be with myself and I seem to focus on everything but… it’s easier to blame food or any external aspects; I also think it is less painful than doing what has to be done. In order to make a significant and trascendental difference in my life, I must commit to doing beneficial things for me.

I made a promise to myself to not barf on April the 2nd, 2012, and tomorrow that promise will become a month old reality! That fact is something pride-worthy and by accumulating more achievements, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, I’ll add up reasons to be proud of.

From now on, on each post I will quote affirmations I have been dragging around that have been dooming my life into mediocrity. I will do this to turn them into positive affirmations and prove my negative-self wrong.

“I am not a morning person”.- That is a statement I have been married to ever since I hit adolescence, I’m not happy with it and intend to become a person who has no problem waking up at 6am. Nothing good has come from sleeping at 2am, waking up at 12pm and being anything but productive.

I’ll go to sleep now, it’s 11:15pm and I wanna wake up to run what I didn’t run today.

Stay tuned to witness my transformation 😉

Love, E.


4 thoughts on “I commit to love and respect myself from here to eternity

    • Thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting on my blog! I’m a fan of yours, keep up the awesome posts!!! Lots of love!

  1. Already I’m hooked!! THIS is the post that I had managed a quick glance at, that I thought had disappeared! I’m glad to be able to read it again, as there were key words in there for me, I was interested to hear someone else say!! Yes, the morning person thing, I like to think I am, but I know that I only am when there’s nothing on my plate that I must get up and face. There are things that motivate me and things that drag me down. I try to keep myself surrounded by all the positives and tend to edge my way around the negatives that must dealt with, but that bring me down in the process. It’s a bit of a ‘bounce-back-ability’ thing that I cannot always master! Yes, the commitment to myself is probably one of the hardest. ‘To love thyself and respect thine temple’… the body. I’ve always battled with weight, I’ve even tried what you’re trying to stop doing, but ultimately I was never for the quick fix. Through many years of dredging through my past, often catching more than I’d bargained for, I have a fair idea as to the root of my struggles. Things bottled up inside me since I could talk, but already knowing that I could not voice them. So what did I do about it? I waited 40 years then I started a blog…

    My mantra tomorrow will be as yours, ‘I commit to love and respect myself from here to eternity’ and actually, it’s one I (we) should probably begin with each and everyday. You have overcome quite an obstacle and I admire your courage and strength, especially by putting it out here to help the rest of us….

    I’m following now, and look forward to your posts already!


    Amanda 🙂

    • Wow! I’m so glad that by reading my thoughts you’ve managed to realize many things about yourself! I love that you told me part of your story, I enjoy connecting with people. This is why I’m loving the blogging community, the helping of each other, the relating, the sharing… and it’s all in order to become happier and fulfilled human beings!
      I really believe that blogging is an amazing therapy, mostly because you can say whatever the hell you want, and realize so much about yourself. Other bloggers who go through similar things are becoming my best advisors!!!!! I love that you’re adopting the loving yourself mantra, we must imprint it on our foreheads if we have to so that we don’t forget that self love must be put into practice before any other thing.

      Thanks for your amazing comments, Amanda! I love that not only do you take the time to read my posts, but you also give powerful insight!

      I’m looking forward to keep morphing into a self loving being, writing about it and helping other people do the same in the process.

      Love and respect back, my friend!


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