Friday I’m in love

Even though I slept late last night(2:30am), I managed to wake up at 10 am, and I know it’s not early at all, but on past occasions whenever I stayed up that late, I ended up waking at 12pm.

I’m having a dinner party at my house with my high school friends, and usually I would have been indifferent to it, but this time I decided to be a good hostess and prepare some delicious snacks for my visitors. I did that all day today, and yesterday afternoon I made some sushi as another snacking option. I am very excited for tonight, instead of stressed out as I would have normally felt. My attitude has definitely changed lately, I think discovering this blogging community has significantly influenced my day to day life: reading positive and inspiring people every day is being extremely powerful to me. The best part of it all, is that I can relate to what other people are feeling, and realize I’m not the only one who has bad days and bad thoughts from time to time.

Thank you bloggers, for you are contributing to my recovery in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine!!

I must take a bath now, cause I just ended my workout and have to leave in like half an hour to a client meeting.

Thanks for reading! And all of you bloggers, thanks for writing!!!!!

Kisses, E.



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