Out of my comfort zone

So, right now I’m craving chocolate like crazy, and have been tempted like 4 times to go downstairs and grab anything that resembles chocolate in my larder… BUT, I decided to write in my blog instead. I am also becoming a fan of a french graphic designer who does remarkable work  and I’m doing that by surfing through his blog . I don’t think I had mentioned it before, but I am a graphic designer and own my own Graphic Design business along with 4 partners. I love finding inspiring work on the web, I could go through graphic design blogs all day long. It’s not precisely productive but I believe inspiration triggers my creativity. Also, this blog is all written in French, so that way my approach with the language I’ve had a crush on since forever, becomes more personal.

Today I decided I would not eat outside with my partners because we’ve been eating at this italian place where the food is delicious, but highly caloric and expensive. I decided this morning I would not eat outside in order to save calories and money. Meal time came and I kept my word even though my partners tried to push me to go eat with them. It sounds like an insignificant situation or act, but it was a big deal to me! I managed to do what I wanted without letting myself become influenced by their will.

I think the only way to lead a happy life is allowing myself to stay out of my comfort zone in a gentle manner. I read this article Serena Dyer wrote about living doing what you love and felt connected and at ease.

Right now I’m getting my ass to the gym even though I’ve been going through excuses in my head on why I shouldn’t work out today.

I’m posting two pictures of myself even though I’m embarrassed to do so. I don’t have the fit body I’ve been visualizing myself in for years and by creating a picture archive, I’ll be able to realize if my mental and physical work are being enough to reach my goal body. I won’t be following any diet but I will: enjoy my meals, take time to eat slowly, eat small portions, eat as healthy as possible and exercise on a daily basis. I love myself and I deserve to treat my body as a temple.

This pictures display gets me out of my comfort zone, too. So, hello discomfort! I ain’t afraid no more 🙂

Thanks for reading, lovelies.

Lots of love, Erika



5 thoughts on “Out of my comfort zone

  1. Erika,

    It is SUPER HARD to get yourself out of the comfort zone. I really applaud your effort and taking those pictures and posting them online. 🙂

    It can double as a great way to build accountability, which can help keep you motivated.

    Looking forward to reading more posts, and seeing your progress


    • Tell me about it!! haha I have realized it’s hard, but doable 🙂

      I gotta tell you, your awesome blog has contributed A LOT to make this possible! Thanks a lot for committing to help others! It seems as if each post you write talks to me!
      Thanks to the hard work you put into your blog (and your rising blogger stars recommendations, your enthusiasm and your posts) I follow other blogs that inspire me day by day. I hope to become an inspiration eventually, but I must work on myself to lead by example.

      Thanks for following my blog, Eric! And I LOOVE your blog!

      Lots of love, Erika.

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