What makes me beautiful

I wish every day was as good as yesterday but life doesn’t consist of only good days. From the moment I woke up today I felt like staying in bed all day…not because I felt depressed, but I wanted to sleep. Anyway, I did what I had to do, attended client meetings, came home and took a nap. I ate tacos even though I didn’t want to because they’re not the healthiest choice, but I was not gonna eat for a long while so I ate two small ones slowly and didn’t dwell on feeling guilty. I did end up feeling guilty and irresponsable, so I kinda beat myself up and in the afternoon after my nap I indulged in my cravings. I didn’t have a binge or anything, I just ate a big piece of veggie pie made out of puff-pastry. Instead of feeling badly, I chose to forgive myself and the cravings of other caloric foods immediately stopped. I told myself: “be kind to yourself, Erika, it’s ok, nothing good comes from beating yourself up” and felt at ease.

I decided to run on the treadmill and my day turned around. I just came back from a client meeting and I must go to sleep because tomorrow I’ll wake up early to run the mile and a half I didn’t run today due to deficient administration of my time. I don’t enjoy waking up early to run, so it’ll be another activity out of my comfort zone I’ll be doing this week. It’s 11:30pm right now, so I will get a good sleep to wake up with enough energy tomorrow.

My sister uploaded this picture of a party we went to two weeks ago and even though I look a little overweight, I love it, I think I look happier and prettier than when I was barfing everything I ate and weighed less. I am sure that my life and my confidence are improving with age, and the situations I experience nowadays are living proof of that. Today, I love my life and today is all that matters. I may not have the perfect job, perfect income, perfect boyfriend or body, but I am certain I’m in the right frequency and things will eventually align.

Here’s the picture I’m talking about… see? I’m choosing to be happy, it shows and the universe is responding to it accordingly.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Erika.


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