Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony

I had been looking forward to writing on my blog but hadn’t had the time…until now.

So, I had a hell of a weekend: i binged, this time not on food but on alcohol. I had the worst episode of binge drinking I’ve ever had in my life  and I’m extremely ashamed to talk about it but I think it’s vital that I do, it’s good for analysis. I drank recklessly like a 15-year old and puked all the way back to my house like Linda Blair did in The Exorcist. Not a pretty picture, but that’s the way it happened. I did so much harm to my body, it shut down into a kind of coma until I woke up with the ugliest headache and nauseas the world has ever known. I got really disappointed in me, I felt like the most immature 24-year old, and I’m certain that my body doesn’t deserve to be treated that way but somehow I keep harming it. This very unpleasant experience had something to teach me, but unless I lay it down on the alcohol from now on, it will have been worth it.

I realize I take the longest time to write a post because I overanalyze what I write, dribble through facebook, pinterest, twitter and get distracted with practically anything. I’ve been writing this post since yesterday morning…

And it ain’t only in my blog, I tend to preach having the positivest of attitudes, to be fearless and make happiness a journey, to dream high, to attract what you think into your life and whatnot but my actions don’t match my words… I talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. It’s much easier to talk the talk, believe me, I have been doing it for a long while now, but by doing that I haven’t reached any of my goals, instead I’ve been postponing them and some of them get lost along the way. I’m sharing this year’s visioning board to assure myself that by the end of the year I’ll be adding a check next to each goal. In a heartbeat the year (or the world, haha) will be over and I can’t end it with half the goals achieved!

I’m also evaluating how I’ve been doing so far on thriving to achieve them. 

Looking at it, I realize I forgot to capture money or income increase! I’ll have to fix that.

From top left to right : Being fashionable, shop a lot, to return dancing, have a loving couple in my life.

Middle section, left to right: remaining close to my family, read more, making my firm successful, eating deliciously, dancing again, me being immensely happy, to run wearing only a top, to love my body and soul, to do as much Editorial design as i can, to meet a guy resembling Ryan Gosling.

Bottom, left to right: take up again painting with watercolour, more editorial design, learning web design, being more like Valery Casey , going to the beach and get to know amazing rock formations and nature spaces.

So far I’ve been acting lazy and passively in every area so I must do less dreaming and more achieving.

Giving my body the rest, nutrients, treatment it needs and deserves is vital so I’m off to sleep now.

Thanks for reading 😉

Love, Erika


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