Dancing bliss

Everything is the way it should be.- Cynthia H.

The blogging community is turning out to be the best support group I could have ever imagined or asked for. Every blog I have encountered and followed is contributing to make my recovery a clearer and more pleasant journey. Special mention to GangyBuffet who has chosen to ride along with me and given me powerful and necessary insight. Thanks a lot for your support, Cyn! You are making a difference in my bumpy road :).

I did today something that Cynthia recommended : working out doing something I actually enjoy, so I danced my ass off for 40 minutes. I didn’t feel like hopping on the treadmill, bike or elliptical machine so I decided it was time to dance. I am always thinking how I would love to find a cheap decent dance class around my neighborhood, but in the meantime I’m gonna keep doing what I love in my house gym (or small room where we keep 3 workout machines). Dancing is my essence, my passion, it has been ever since I watched “Dirty Dancing” when I was 2 and I’m gonna keep doing it until the day I die. I hadn’t thought of doing it in my house like a crazy person twirling, shaking my ass and jumping but it feels so good because it comes so natural to me.

Right now i feel like anything is possible. That’s what happens when I connect with my essence so I must keep doing it.

Lovely night, people!

Thanks for reading and inspiring me.


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