Avoiding the pain

Living the way I’ve been living this past years has been more like running away from pain, than actually living. Doing things out of certainty have maintained me in a “comfort zone parallel universe” and have kept me from being the best possible version of myself. I consider myself to be an impulsive, impatient person, meaning that I need to obtain immediate results and answers or else, I will quit. And so the story of my life has been written without really being something worth reading about. Now, I’m not saying that my life has been boring and miserable but I think I have so much potential within me that hasn’t been exploited efficiently AND that needs to change. I feel like I finally got where I need to be to turn my life into an amazingly inspiring story.

Writing and reading this is very inspiring but in order for it to become POWERFUL, it must be put into action. The tip of the iceberg (bulimia) is already out of the ocean, so now I must work on what’s been buried out of self-preservation.

Enough writing and analyzing, more doing and realizing.

I must sleep now in order to be productive tomorrow and work on myself effectively.

Thanks for choosing to witness this beautiful growth going on inside me.

Lots of love, Erika.


3 thoughts on “Avoiding the pain

  1. Again, I can really relate to what you wrote. I hid myself under a blanket for years, exploiting my potential only in certain areas and neglecting everything else. Life is a journey of discovery, and nothing is more thrilling than challenging yourself

  2. Pain often leads to growth so avoiding it isn’t necessarily the best course of action. But when I say “pain” I don’t want you to intentionally hurt yourself so perhaps “discomfort” is a better word.

    So being out of your comfort zone can be a good thing. I guess it depends on how you choose to react to it 😉

    As for “less words, more action”? Sometimes you need to “Just do it!” Kim*


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