Ok, so after my pity party post, it’s time for a beautiful inspirational post.

DANCING. The girl that appears at minute 1:00 is my new dancing role model. She dances perfectly! I can see myself moving like her, she looks HOT!

BODY. I used to dream about having Gisele Bundchen’s body until I woke up and realized my figure is more curvy, less model-type. So, these bodies are my inspiration. The girl in the military green bikini and black lingerie is my no. 1 inspiration because I believe we have a similar type of body. The image with a quote on it, is so inspiring I should print it out and carry it around with me. The couple cooking with the girl showing her flat abs is a picture I will eventually imitate and upload into my blog :). Then, there’s me in June 2011. The first photo is unedited while the second one has been slightly photoshopped into what I wanna look like in a bikini. I must work on my abs more. Any exercise suggestions?



4 thoughts on “Inspiration

    • Yes! I must tell you, doing that (accepting my body type, and my body inspirations) did not come easy. When I was 15-17 years old I collected images of bodies that included Jennifer Aniston, Elsa Benitez and other skinny not-so-curvaceous ladies. Judging by that, I became really frustrated and even disgusted with my body because it didn’t match my body inspirations. Only now have I come to acknowledge my body and embrace my curves. I had already seen that post in your blog and yeah, i think we do have similar body types :)!!! Our curvy feminine bodies rock 😉

      • I was so happy when celebrities like the Kardashians (I know I know), J-Lo, Beyonce, Sofia Vergara etc became body role models. I finally felt like it was OK to have curves! I know no matter how much I exercise and diet I will never be super skinny with no curves…
        So yeah for curves haha

    • Hahaha, tell me about it! Those curvy good looking women have become my role models 😉 I also find them more interesting than very skinny catwalk like girls. Also, I had a boyfriend (from France) who happened to find my curves extremely attractive… I think he had a lot to do in my body acceptance!

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