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Professions for PEACE

~ On stopping the inner critic ~

I want to offer value in this amazing world of writers, who send me soaring, leave me breathless, laughing, crying, and always learning. Goosebumps along my arms accompanying me as I read incredible wisdom and beauty shared. I can easily spend all the time I had hoped to be writing just reading, in awe. This inspirational material so generously offered lifts me higher and I eagerly grab my own ideas to share along the way. I get excited about writing!


However the last few days have been different.

I have allowed self-doubt to seep in, so quietly as to be nearly unnoticed. As I take an honest look within to search out what is really going on inside, to find where my words have gone, I notice negative feelings, almost inaudibly whispering. “What do YOU have to offer? You’re just a self-taught writer…

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  1. Lovely Erika, I am delighted and so very thankful for you to have reblogged my post. It means the world to me that you thought enough of it to share it here. I adore your blog, and You! When you share on your About page that you are “by no means a writer” I dare to suggest that you indeed are! This blog is wise and wonderful and important. Keep up the excellent work you are doing here. Love and Light, Gina

    • Awwww, Gina! Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I have found blogging absolutely amazing, it does so good to me and my recovery :D. Comments and posts like yours are what make blogging so very inspiring and enjoyable.
      You are very welcome, I think this reblogged post is so amazing I’m even considering on printing it and make it stick to my mind haha.
      Love and light right back at you 😉

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