The body pledge



13 thoughts on “The body pledge

  1. Great quote. It’s so hard to love yourself, when you need to love yourself before anyone else. I always try to tell myself I’m beautiful, but even when others say it, it’s hard not to see the flaws first. That’s a beautiful list you’ve posted.

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    • Riley, I just peeked into your blog and saw your pictures. Honey, you are not “big” at all!!!!!! You are beautifuuuul!
      I gotta tell you, I’m not 100% confident of my body yet, but my confidence has improved considerably on the past 2 years. I’ll tell you what has worked for me: First of all, talking nicely to yourself, and looking in the mirror and thinking that you are the finest thing you’ve ever seen, is something you MUST do on a daily basis. Remember that by playing make believe is aalways the start of believing. So even if it feels weird and unnatural at first, if you keep doing it long enough, it’ll eventually come naturally and harmoniously.
      I also started enjoying taking baths, because being naked was my biggest insecurity haha, looking at yourself in the mirror with no clothes on is also an extremely important thing to do (I hope you don’t think I’m weird or something haha). Also, I don’t give enough credit to it, but my mom makes “Bach flowers” and she prepared some for me in order for me to change some aspects of my insecurities. Bach flowers are stress relievers and get rid of emotional imbalance in humans, I highly recommend them! This are some remedies that worked for me, they took some time but I now feel more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. 🙂

      • well thank you, i mean i know im not “big” but i have really big hips like im skinny from side view, which i like my body from the side, its the front and back. Like this is going to sound weird but it looks like something got stuck in the middle of my body hahaha and i hide it well on pictures and try to with my clothes. and no i dont think your weird your right its just really hard to do especially when you have people calling you ugly and fat, its hard not to believe them. because the way i think it is… they wouldnt of said it or thought it unless it wasnt true.. u know? Like…. “Behind every just kidding, is some truth..” something like that. ahha but bach flowers? what does it do to u??

    • Bach flowers only help you gain more confidence and self-love. It’s like a little push towards self-confidence. It works as an enhancer, check out a brief explanation concerning them right here:
      But, what helps mainly is working every single day on self-love, Riley. It requires dedication and time, but if you start at such a young age to work on your relationship with yourself, you’ll have a blissful life and will be able to focus on how amazing you are.
      Now, on the people who call you ugly or fat, I gotta tell you: first off you are gorgeous and I don’t care if you feel you have something wrong with your hips or whatever you seem to be insecure about, other people only see it because you feel self-conscious… I swear I saw several pictures of you and there is NOTHING wrong with you. Those who say nasty stuff to you only do so because they feel badly about themselves! A person who is confident and self-assured never puts people down like that. So, my advice is: really evaluate who those comments come from, and then analyze if it is worth getting hung up on them… Believe me, it is never worth it. When you breed self-love, you’ll be able to smoothly ignore those comments, and will start getting more compliments instead! the thing is you have to be strong and love yourself more than anything in the whole world You only get there with work and by being kind to yourself, really kind and loving ;).
      I have wide hips, short legs, big butt, you name it, but the minute I started embracing my whole body, everything changed drastically! I even attracted a wonderful man into my life who happened to be crazy about my body! He used to compliment everything I once felt insecure about!
      So, try it, Riley, believe me, a life filled with self love is much more beautiful! And don’t listen to those, snide remarks or stupid jokes! Remember: people can’t make you feel badly without your consent! So, don’t give them the power to make you feel one bit less beautiful than you really are!!!!
      Lots of love, Riley! Keep me posted! I’m rooting for you 😉

      • Thank you, reading that made me definately smile! Your so nice thank you alot, and what you said about the people who say that mean stuff to me i never actually took notice at them. Now that i actually think that i feel better!

        But its just hard to love yourself like that, im not sure how u did it! especially when seeing other girls that look so friken perfect! But i guess its easy when you have like a guy like you do that loves you no matter how you look… because that’s like reasurrance in a way.. i think haha but i am definately going to try and do what your’e telling me and hopefully it works! Thank you so so so much!<3 (:

    • Haha, there’s not such thing as “perfect”! NEVER compare yourself to others! Besides, beauty standards are obtained from airbrushed-photoshopped advertising, remember that! In real life there ARE many girls that one sees in a teeny-tiny bikini and can’t help but think: “that bitch looks so perfect it’s ridiculous”. But, many of those girls actually work really hard on their bodies and eating habits! Most of those bodies aren’t 100% genetics (some girls ARE blessed with incredible genes, but oh well, they are a small percentage and you can’t allow yourself feeling badly about it)and many of those bodies are a product of hours spent on the gym!
      But, remember, beauty standards can vary, honey! For example, both Scarlett Johansson and Alessandra Ambrossio are sex symbols, and their bodies are so different from each other! What they share? Self-confidence and self-love.

      Remember that self-confidence is the best accessory any girl can wear ;).

    • Oh, and about my ex-boyfriend loving my body? I know I attracted him into my life, it was just what I needed to love my body even more. But, it started with me, he just gave me a little extra push ;). So, start with yourself and the rest will follow.

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