The mind is a beautiful tool…

…when used properly.

July is here and today I celebrate my 3 month anniversary of no-barfing. I couldn’t be happier!!!!! πŸ™‚

I really felt like updating my blog today because I’m feeling incredibly good and powerful and wanted to share it with you readers.

I have been working on some goals because in order to define where I’m going next, I must have small achievable goals each month to get me where I’m supposed to be next. So far the only goal I’ve achieved has been no barfing. I have 6 goals for this month:

1. Reading 3 chapters of “Meditations from the Mat” each week

2. Sleeping at 11:30pm

3. No binging

4. Reduce my refined sugar intake significantly

5. Exercise 5 times a week

6. Going in the opposite direction fear tries taking me

Maybe I’ll add another goal each week, I know I can do many more things, but I’ll work on this ones right now. Writing them in my little blog will make me work harder on them.

Lately I’ve found out about a lot of people around me doing extremely good, living in abundance, and having great things happening to them, so I am aware abundance is infinite and every one of us deserves to experience it.

I’ll leave you with this, I must admit I’m a sucker for quotes.

Now I wanna share a little piece of my abundance: me with some friends catching up :). Besides, a post with pictures is always prettier.


Love, Erika


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