“Sometimes. (…)I daydream about all the beautiful places I’ll go, and all the beautiful people I’ll meet. And then? Then I get overwhelmed with a sense of excitement about life.” I just read this quote in this wonderful blog and felt like it applies to me definitely and totally.

I’ve been wanting to go to France ever since I was 13 I think. There’s something about Paris, wine, Champs Elysées, the oh so romantic language, Le Louvre, Le Tour Eiffel, macaroons that makes daydreaming worthwhile. I have a good story regarding this little obsession with anything French.

When I was about 19 years old, my best friend’s mom invited me to go on a tour through one federal entity along with her History of Mexico Class to find out which important historic events had occurred there. We were a large group of women but at lunch time I ended up chatting with one particular woman who shared her life story with me telling me she had met her French husband while visiting Paris and were currently living in France. Somehow I found that story incredibly inspiring. I wanted to have that. Four years later, I went to a nightclub here in Mexico with 3 friends and just before the place closed, I drunkly seduced met a very cute French man. Ok, I may have been a little drunk and I may have seduced him by asking him to approach me by hand-signing him, but the important thing was that he called me the next day to go out and that we dated during the 5 months he was in Mexico. I didn’t learn the language as I would have liked, but I learned a lot of things about myself during that relationship.

This is a picture of me and Lucas during our one month long trip to the south of Mexico.

So, I’ll take meeting Lucas and dating him as my first sign to go to France. Lately I’ve been receiving more and more signs.

Like, one of my (not so close but very dear) friend from Highschool talked to me on facebook chat and encouraged me, once again to go to France to an “assistant in language exchange”. I’ve been wanting to do that even before I met Lucas. I met him while he was on that same exchange here in Mexico. Coincidence? I think not.

The third sign this past weekend was meeting, in a very local party one of my friends threw, 2 French girls who invited me to go to France anytime. They also mentioned I have a very good French pronunciation. I’m going out with this new french friends on Thursday night and I’m excited.

So, I must keep working to get my ass to France.

I shall continue working with myself, working out, keep my thoughts as positive as possible and learn to pose like this so I can take a similar picture with the Eiffel Tower on the back.

My Photoshop skills are way better than this, but I need to go running, I did this in a hurry, so bare with me.

Yesterday I talked about my goals, but I forgot to write the long term ones. But that will be another post.

I’ve been doing not so good with my July goals, today I ate some cake and came close to binging. My energy is doing great, so I must make the most out of it. Tomorrow is another day and I will work harder than today, that’s the only way to go.

Lots of love.



4 thoughts on “Signs…

  1. I hope you get there as well – it’s one of my three favorite cities in the world. I wish I could go back every year or that I lived in Europe and could make quick weekend trips there. Put it on your list of goals and I have no doubt you’ll make it there!

    • Ohhhh don’t tell me that! It’s on your top 3?!!?!? wow! And judging by your pictures, you know what you’re talking about! I am sure I’ll get there!!! I am certain, and I’ll be posting pictures from over there in my blog, it’s a promise ;).

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