No more binging for me

I decided like 2 weeks ago that I’d no longer eat any refined sugar. I have not been as successful as I thought I would instantly be, but I’m getting there. The thought of restriction to me is still a sore issue, but  the more I know about the dangers and the addiction involving  sugar, the more I wanna stop feeding it to my body. 

Today I wanted something sweet after my lunch and green tea. So I directly went to grab a milk chocolate amaranth bar and ate it slowly but I couldn’t avoid the guilt trip this guilty pleasure came along with. So, I felt a little anxious and decided to look for something else made out of sugar: my mom’s delicious orange cake. I grabbed a slice, ate it quickly, and then headed for another one because I had the great idea of spreading nutella on it. Before eating it as quickly as the last one, I put it on the table and analyzed what I was about to do. I decided to put the slice back and drink tons of water instead. 

I feel extremely proud of myself, like I should get a no-binging medal or something to remind myself how I can breed no-binging into a habit :). 


8 thoughts on “No more binging for me

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