Love reminder

I keep forgetting to be happy now, just the way I am, with this body, this awareness, everything. I have thought that by getting the perfect body, perfect boyfriend, perfect job, income, country to live in, I will be happiER… But the truth is HAPPINESS BREEDS HAPPINESS. So, this quote is a reminder of the whole concept.


5 thoughts on “Love reminder

  1. Sad to say there is no such thing as the perfect body or boyfriend or job or life etc. Being content with what we have and who we are is a virtue.

    Mind you, endeavouring to be better is admirable and defintely a worthwhile pursuit. Yet it’s not the be-all-and-end-all. Striving for perfection will only breed disappointment.

    Don’t accept mediocrity. But knowing you are loved and accepted inspite of your flaws and failings is satisfaction in and of itself. Kim*

    • Wow, Kim! What an insightful and wise comment!!!! You are totally right! I am totally striving for perfection most of the time, that’s why I haven’t been successful with my results… but what is the right way to improve and lose the weight healthily both mentally and phisically?

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