The “Attitude of gratitude 30-day challenge” is remarkably making a difference in my life. I am definitely enjoying a more joyous and blissful life. I highly encourage you guys to do it, or at least something similar. Being grateful every day makes life more beautiful than it already is.

Today I was fortunate enough to assist to 2 conferences from extremely inspiring entrepreneurs. One of them was given by Patrick E. Devlyn and he is the sweetest most positive man ever. He is 69 years old but has a timeless energy. He talked all about how ATTITUDE is the secret ingredient in order to have  a blissful, happy and prosperous life, job, marriage, etc. Amongst other things, he talked about the importance of self-love and that we should all work on it in order to spread it everywhere we go, in everything we do. I absolutely loved the whole conference and I don’t think I got to presence it as a coincidence. Things are exactly the way they’re supposed to be.

I also went to the gym to do some weight training, ate with my dear friend whose photo I posted a few weeks ago, and ended the day with a party one of my closest friends invited me to in which her father played live along with other friends/musicians hits from the 60’s through 70’s. I had an amazing time and laughed till I cried, along with my beautiful friends. I only had one drink which involved Kraken and Diet Coke… I didn’t even like it (too much sugar) but I drank it anyway with the hope that it might get me a little tipsy.

Finally, I got home and had all the kitchen to myself but, get this, I DIDN’T BINGE !!!!!! I wanted to have some dinner, so I made myself a delicious fish-strawberry salad with an improvised dressing involving yogurt and honey. I prepared some tea and sat down to enjoy my meal. Normally I would have eaten a whole box of cookies or any other fatty foods but today I chose wisely, and I am not looking back.

I’m building myself to be stronger and better every day. I can now feel I am becoming what I have been envisioning. “Begin with the end in mind” is the quote that I am now starting to understand. It is all falling into place harmoniously.

Life is good, my friends, so very very good. 😉


14 thoughts on “B L I S S S

  1. Great job! It`s awesome that you can see improvements in your behaviour! Whenever you think otherwise, come back to this post or the feeling you had when you typed this up – how proud you where..
    Hope your next week(s) will be filled with this positivity!

  2. Awesome post! I love the way you ended it; life is good my friends. I could feel your energy in your choice of words. I’m happy for you I really am also thank you for putting that hyperlink to Nicole’s blog. I’m glad I stepped by to see what she had to say about gratitude. Keep up the great posts coming, they make me feel like I’m not alone in my journey 🙂

    • Life IS good 😉 !! This is coming from someone who used to have suicidal thoughts… I am glad you discovered Nicole’s blog through mine! I’m telling you, this challenge is definitely life-changing, it’s amazing! I will definitely keep the posts coming. Thanks for reading and feeling identified 😉

  3. Also, I nominated you for an award thingy on my blog. It’s not too chain letterish. More of a big thank you for being awesome and inspiring! Hopefully it will help keep you feel blissful and great!! =D

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