To go or not to go to the gym?

To binge or not to binge?

Questions that seem so easy to answer yet so hard to implement.

This time not binging and going to the gym won.

See ya in a bit, I have to go get endorphin high.


16 thoughts on “To go or not to go to the gym?

  1. Hey, came on by here via Cassie’s blog and just wanted to say you are a total inspiration. Hope your endorphin high was awesome! 😉

  2. Awesome decision! And did you feel better afterwards? That`s what working out usually does to me.
    I`m happy to read that you are having so many positive experiences/days lately!

    • I felt AMAZING afterwards! Exercise is like a drug to me! Even though I sometimes have to wrap myself around the idea of getting off my ass before actually doing it.
      I’m happy also! I think it’s a consequence for all the work I’ve been doing 😉 Thanks for your words, Anna.

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