Doing things differently

Mike Murdock said that in order to change your life, you should change something you do daily, so I am going to make it my life motto.

I had a rough couple of days (mentally) and since Thursday I’ve been anxious around food and eager to binge. So, yesterday I had a very big one but instead of wallowing in it, I’m deciding to perceive it as a mere setback and look forward. This epiphany came mainly from reading Cassie’s AWESOME blog, thanks a lot gurl! I will no longer place my energy towards the negativity going on in my head, that way I’ll be able to get rid of those limiting habits and beliefs. This doesn’t mean I’ll be denying those setbacks, I will just let them happen, let them be and then move on.

I am not yet in that place where I love my body, in fact I saw myself in the mirror today while in Zumba class and didn’t like it at all, but having this body and this current weight is teaching me a lesson I am finally beginning to learn.

I read yesterday, in my lovely book “Meditations from the mat” a very eye-opening quote from Marcel Proust: The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.

I wanna end this post with this loveliness I came across through a friend in Facebook.

Lots of love, my dear friends.


8 thoughts on “Doing things differently

  1. I was out with my son today, celebrating his sixth birthday. My halfway ex-wife shot some video of us playing on the bumper cars, but when I looked at it tonight, I felt like I was the stereotypical balding forty-something guy with a belly. I hated the way I looked. I’m losing weight… but I, frankly, felt repulsive.

    Can’t afford a facelift though… on the plus side, I keep my hair extremely short so you won’t ever see me with a comb-over…

    • You shouldn’t feel repulsed by yourself! I have been there, sometimes I still am there! But I’ve come to realize how self-love goes beyond appearances!!! Don’t ever feel repulsed by yourself again, please! And if you do, just feel it, and move on, but try to feel it less often. Think about your son!! By loving yourself, you get to transmit that to your child, whereas if you feel repulsed by your own image, that’ll be transmitted to him also. Be strong, kind, caring and loving to yourself in order for your dear baby to learn by example so he’ll grow up to be a confident, self-loving human being ;).
      Thanks for your comment! Lots of love!

      • Thanks – I hear what you’re saying, and you’re right… I was just feeling a bit down yesterday. The only reason why I had some photos and video taken was simply because in a year’s time my son and then ex-wife will probably be living in another part of the country, so I want as many memories with him as possible. But yes, normally, I would avoid the camera like the plague….

  2. Hugs to you girlie. It is definitely tough. There were a few days last week where I was really all over the place with what I was eating and feeling fairly gross, and I kept having to remind myself that it was just a couple minor setbacks in the whole scheme of things. That I am committed to changing my life. It is definitely really tough since it has to be a constant thing… it isn’t just one moment where you go “light bulb! I am going to be positive.” As much as I wish it was that easy!

    • It is definitely a process of hard work! It is also a shift in our minds! We’ve been programmed for so long, now we have to reprogram ourselves. It is not as easy as we want, but it is just so very worth it.

  3. remember, relapse is part of recovery. For each slip you may take, you’re also taking away knowledge. Allow this to let you grow stronger.

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