Ok, so since I started this blog I’ve received several awards from my lovely readers and I have to say that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it:

I don’t understand how much time I have to write a worthy response, how many blogs I have to nominate, how many interesting facts about me I have to mention, which blogs fall under the category of the award, which facts aren’t inappropriate to include, etc.

I also don’t understand where these awards come from. Who initiates them? Who sets the rules? Who creates the look of the award? Why mention 10 bloggers, or 15?

I didn’t expect any of those awards, or any award whatsoever, but the three times I’ve received one, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and very honoured :).

So, considering how much I don’t understand this whole Award-Giving ritual, I decided to create a brand new award without any rules, I’ll only share some random facts about me and show some love to those who I enjoy reading so much and make blogging worthwhile.

Random facts:

1. The only ones who know about this blog are my mom, my brother, my cousin, one very close friend and a friend I met through a friend haha.

2. I am a graphic designer so naturally I created this new blog award.

3. I opened up my own Graphic Design Business over a year ago along with 4 other friends (Only one of them knows about this blog).

4. I doubt every single day if I’m doing what I’m supposed to do in order to be happy.

5. Blogging has turned out to be one of the greatest things that happened to me.

6. My nose has been fake since 2004.

7. I religiously read the following blogs almost every day:

Nicole’s : I’m a sucker for positive and interesting posts and Nicole is an expert on writing a perfect mix between them. I became an even bigger fan of her blog when she created the 30-day Gratitude Challenge.

Cassy’s : This girl is 3 years younger than me and has already gotten married, lost 63 (SIXTY THREE! ) pounds, and become so much wiser than many 30-year olds I’ve known haha. She is drop dead awesome, funny and inspiring, to say the least.

Hélène’s : This blog is one of my dearest. Hélène is a wonderfully kind, caring and loving person who lives surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, the cutest dog ever, cool workouts, and doesn’t mind sharing all of her bliss with us. I am a little biased on recommending her blog because she has become one of my closest blogger friends :).

Lisa’s : Every single one of Lisa’s posts is filled with so much positive energy, it’s unbelievable. Anytime I wanna feel inspired, happy or vibe in a wonderful place, I go to this blog. She leads a happy and fulfilling life and transmits it to anyone who reads her.

Mike’s : This blog will make you laugh your ass off want it or not. Mike’s wit and impeccably crazy writing will turn a seemingly boring day into a very entertaining one. One post of his will get at least one laugh out of even the most bitter person.

Liv’s : This girl makes me feel self-conscious about writing or blogging. Her writing is just perfect, honestly; I have to confess I have even shed a few tears while reading her. Not only is she interesting and smart, she also has a very fine sense of humour. I wouldn’t be surprised if she soon becomes a published author.

Boomie’s : Boomie is an amazingly talented poetry writer whose endless kindness makes you wanna meet and hug her. She finds a way to make poetry out of anything and does a hell of a great job at it.

Anna’s : I am new to her blog but I have become quite fond of it rather quickly. Anna mixes her running expertise, traveling adventures, photography talent and cool personality, all to give us a very enjoyable blog.

Lama’s : This blogger not only showcases his incredible photographic talent but he also includes great anecdotes concerning a place or object in the picture. His marvellous pictures speak for themselves, so you’ll have to check them out for yourselves.

Corinne’s : This blog has been the biggest inspiration to me, I think. Corinne’s blog captivated me when I saw her before-after pictures, they are beyond impressive!!. Witnessing how she achieved that massive weight loss made me SEE how anything is possible with the right mindset. Her bubbly personality is the cherry on top of this fabulous blog.

Clotilda’s : I’m a huuge fan of this blog, mainly because it’s one of the most original and different ones I read. Her writing is really good and her high school stories are both disturbing and entertaining. You must read her to understand what I’m saying (or what she’s saying).

Kim’s : Kim promotes a sugar-free life because of how dangerous it has been proven to be. He is documenting his weight loss by sharing his wisdom with every single post and reply he writes. He never gives advice without a strong argument and he is the reason I’ve been struggling to cut sugar definitely out of my diet without any success…yet.

I read many other blogs, but these are by far my favourite ones and the ones I come back to almost on a daily basis.

Thank you so so much for writing such incredible blogs, and to those who follow mine: thank you for taking the time to read me.


14 thoughts on “Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Congratulations on this very well deserved award. Your stories and outlook on life are really inspiring. Cool award you created too, nice :). Thanks so much for sharing this with me, I am truly honored, and your kind words are very much appreciated.

    Big hugs dear

    • Awww thanks for calling my stories “inspiring”, that means the world to me, boomie. Thank YOU for being my blogging buddy 😉 and for inspiring me so much.

      Lots of loooove!

  2. First of all thank you for the very nice words! Then, congratulations on your awards, you deserve them!
    I think you are a very inspiring blogger! We might not share the same (health-)background but I love just how positive and cheerful you are and all of the things you share about yourself. You definitely inspire me!
    Thank you for sharing this and I feel so honored to be part of your list!

    • Thanks for the inspiration YOU provide me with!
      You are very welcome, Anna! Of course, you have quickly become one of my favorite bloggers ;), you had to be on the list!!!

  3. Thank you so much Erika! I love that you created your own award as well! Thank you for all the kind words you wrote about my blog 🙂
    And I am so glad we have become virtual friends 🙂 I can’t wait to pass the award on as well and start reading the blogs you mentioned…
    I never realized you had surgery on your nose! As for happiness, it is sometimes hard to know what will make you happy, especially long term… But I find that if you commit to something chances are it will make you happy
    Big hugs

    • Thank YOU, Hélène 😀 ! I love our virtual friendship! I wish I could be there for you on your semi-wedding? Haha, I’m sure you’ll keep us posted on every single detail, you better!
      Haha, fortunately the doctor I went to was an expert on plastic surgery and did an amazing job, my nose doesn’t look fake at all!

      I must commit on growing as a person and as a designer.

      Bigger hugs!

  4. You made me tear up and cry a little with your super sweet words! Awwah!!! You are such an amazing and awesome person yourself! I also love your random facts. No one in my family really knows about my blog… but at the same time, I don’t know if they would even care. haha

    The award is so pretty!

  5. Great design on the award and thank you so much for your kind words and for checking my photos out everyday – I’m glad somebody is :). You are inspiring all of us with your very courageous and emotional stories. In answer to your point number 4 I don’t know if ANYONE knows this – happiness is so elusive. It ebbs and flows on an hourly basis (at least for me). It’s just important to be happy a majority of the time.

    Thank you again for the award – so very appreciative!!

    • I’m glad you liked the design of the award. Of course I check your photos as much as I can. It shows how much you love photography and it is always a pleasure to presence someone who is doing what they love.

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