Things I was grateful for today:

  • Delivering the wedding invitations we designed to my soon-to-be-bride friend, and receiving a big ass hug of excitement showing how happy she was to see how beautiful they turned out to be.
  • Walking on sunny, empty streets along with one of my partners (and best friends), laughing incessantly.
  • Listening (and dancing) to Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and Manu Chao in the car on our way to see our printer to pick the invitations up.
  • Eating curry that tasted like sweet heaven.
  • Drinking jasmine iced-tea.
  • Watching a movie along with my mom that made us both cry to the point of sobbing.

Sweet joyous life made up of tea, music and good company.

And, I am especially thankful forย you, lovely reader.


14 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Aww, this is such a sweet post! May I ask which movie you saw? You need to try green tea with jasmine, it`s one of my favorite combinations. And I had no idea you designed invites! Are you a graphic designer? Don`t need to answer, if this is to personal to share.

    • Thanks!!! Haha, Cassy, give yourself (and your foot) a break, and watch the entire Mad Men Series, or watch the movie I’m talking about in this post: Prayers for Bobby. It’s ok to not do anything once in a while, so enjoy!!

    • This literally made my day!!! I saw this message earlier but we were celebrating my best friend’s birthday so I couldn’t answer until now. Thanks a lot, Hรฉlรจne, I will send you my adress right away. Whoa, this is so exciting!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!

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