Pre-birthday celebrations

Last year I had a rather lousy birthday. My original plan was going out of town, but my friends convinced me to stay in the city and spend my birthday with them. The day came, I had a huge fight with my little sister and decided to cancel on my friends who were going to come to my house to have a small mojitos reunion. I ended up crying incessantly and my parents took me to the movies. Many things had to do with my small breakdown. Amongst other things, I was depressed because my boyfriend had left to France, didn’t know nothing about him, was sunk deeper than ever into bulimia, I wasn’t happy with my job, my weight or my life. “Another failed birthday” I thought.

This year I wanted things to be different. I do care about my birthday and do enjoy celebrating it in a way I can enjoy myself as much as possible. On previous occasions I didn’t accept that and when my ex boyfriend mentioned to me that birthdays aren’t that important because “you don’t get to choose the date you were born”, I got to think it was true. Well, maybe for him but not for me; I enjoy being pampered, celebrated, surrounded by my loved ones and receiving cakes, surprises and/or gifts.

I decided to start celebrating early this year. I also came to the conclusion that by celebrating with different groups of friends on different plans, I would enjoy more by spending quality time with each one.

Yesterday was my first celebration and it was AH-MAZING!, I had the best time and everything flowed harmoniously. It’s amazing how a great attitude and mindset can make a huge difference. I created my day by listening to upbeat, happy music, choosing positive thoughts and FLOW I N G. I didn’t buy a new outfit (as I always do for my birthdays), I couldn’t get rid of my fat rolls instantly and couldn’t control the fact that every person I invited would assist or would have a good time. What I could do was control my thoughts, assume that everything would flow and that I would have a blast, how could I not?! Well my friends, it worked because everything turned out to be just perfect.

The bar I originally wanted to go to required reservations 5 days in advance, so we ended up in the W Hotel bar and it turned out to be way better! The service was impeccable, the music was appropriate, the prices were reasonable and we even received a courtesy bowl of guacamole from the Hotel!

It’s amazing what a good mindset can do for you.

Me in the middle, surrounded by blissful friends, guacamole and Vodka Tonics!


12 thoughts on “Pre-birthday celebrations

  1. Sounds lovely! I hate how much pressure is put on having a good time on your birthday and new years… I usually like to keep it low key and surround myself with loved ones
    Looks like you had a blast (love your belt by the way). And enjoy the rest of your celebrations!
    Joyeux annversaire

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