Birthday fuss

I turned 25 last Tuesday (September 18th). I had lychee curry chicken to die for (along with jasmine iced-tea, pink wine and chocolate cake), watched TED in the movies and got to hear my family sing Happy Birthday to me while I blew a big-ass improvised candle.

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The secret to a very happy birthday? Trust, let it flow, be with the ones I love, love myself before all.

I used to worry about everyone having a good time, about people wanting to celebrate with me, about uploading the perfect Facebook pictures displaying how fabulous it is to turn 25, etc. and stopped worrying about the most important element in my birthdays: me. This year, the people who wanted to be with me were there and the ones who didn’t, weren’t. No expectations = no disappointments.

I received an extra special present from a very dear friend. She wrote me the sweetest letter in the world! Seriously, her words have made me so happy I’ve been re-reading it every single day. I told her about my blog so it means she’s the first friend to care enough to read my darkest thoughts, fears and insecurities. Not only does she read me but she took the time to go through my archives and understand my whole recovery process. I’ve shown my blog to 2 other friends who I’m sure haven’t kept reading.

Back to the present then: she gave me a letter, a book and a “love kit” (nothing sexual, you dirty little minds). The letter explained how proud she is of me and how she thinks I am an amazing person and how much potential I haven’t exploited, amongst other things. This friend is very blunt and sincere so I know everything she wrote isn’t BS. If you are reading, M, thank you and know that I love you deeply. The “love kit” included a body lotion, an aromatherapy soap, an exfoliant (!!!!!!) and body butter. She explained that she had given me all those things to pamper and honour my body, to love it right now, the way it is and acknowledge it (yes, my friend is THAT awesome). The cherry on top was Caroline Myss’ book entitled “Anatomy of the Spirit”. She claimed to have devoured it and loved it so she knew I would enjoy it too. I began reading it on Sunday and am loving it. I’ll write more about it as I keep reading.

So, judging by how great this quarter of a century started, I can assure it’ll be a good one; not in a clichéd way but in an authentic one. I know I am becoming stronger to make things happen, instead of waiting (or wishing) for them to happen.


6 thoughts on “Birthday fuss

  1. Erika, I am so happy you had such a great birthday surrounded by the people in your life that matter! Your best friend is right, you are a wonderful person that deserves better 🙂 Take advantage of her gifts and pamper yourself, you deserve it..
    View your birthday as a turning point, the start of a new and healthy life for you
    I’m sending you virtual hugs

    • I did enjoy myself! The places a right mindset can get you!
      Wow! Those words are pretty accurate to what my friend wrote me in the letter!
      I am ready to lead a healthy lifestyle. 😀

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