A bumpy (but oh so worthy) ride towards recovery

I have been so very absent from the blogosphere. I think I get self conscious even over here, go figure. But I miss writing in this little journal of mine and since so many amazing things have come from blogging, I have decided to keep writing.

Since I started my blog, I have been making changes concerning my mind and life in general. I can assure to you that when you change your mind, your whole world changes. Now, I used to read and hear about it, and assumed it was something easy and quick. Well, I hate to break it to you but it is neither easy nor quick at all. Nonetheless, the process is beautiful and the results are totally worth the work and time.

I used to be one of those, amongst many, who believed wholeheartedly that if I could dream and visualize whatever, it would appear in my life magically. I visualised myself having an amazing body while having dessert every time I ate with my friends, or while binge drinking on weekends. In every area of my life I used to do the same thing and guess what? nothing happened: there isn’t a magic dust or a shortcut, there is hard work and physical energy involved Β in order to make things happen. Of course visualisation works, of course positive thinking works but what really gets things moving is ACTION. It sounds pretty obvious but I am only starting to really put the action part into action… if that makes any sense.

I am going to list a few things that have worked significantly for me during this recovery:

  • Creating my blog
  • Reading inspiring, smart, funny, positive thus, enjoyable blogs.
  • Having involved readers who give me feedback and otherwordly support
  • Making a list (before going to bed) of things I was grateful for each day
  • Not comparing myself to ANYONE (easier said than done, still working on this one)
  • Making promises each week and keeping them
  • Making promises each day when I wake up (not eating chocolate, sleeping early, etc) and keeping them
  • AB Journaling (I’ll write more about this journaling technique I learned from Lisa in another post)
  • Watching Marie tv
  • Reading Eric’s blog. He used to read countless blogs and would mention them in his. Thanks to him I discovered the best blogs (and people behind them)
  • Trying to use Facebook an Twitter the least possible (unsuccessful 98% of the time, still working on it)
  • Not criticising people (I am successful in this only 10% of the time… hey, it’s a decent start!)
  • Finding a blissful activity and doing it as constantly as possible: Pole Dancing (“dancing” being the key word)
  • Defending myself and not being afraid/embarrassed by my choices or opinions
  • Doing things out of my comfort zone (one of the hardest things to do, still working on it)
  • Working on falling in love with myself every single day by thinking and speaking love
  • Feeding my positive voice, not the negative one (my negative voice is hungry and demanding, still working on it)
  • Giving love instead of asking (or looking) for it.

And I’m only halfway there.

β€œWhat you put out into the world comes back to you”

Hope you’re still reading haha.

Love, Erika


10 thoughts on “A bumpy (but oh so worthy) ride towards recovery

  1. I’m definetly still reading and will be back too. I think you are very brave, and it seems you are well on your way to your dream. You are absolutely correct, keep your mind in check and watch/choose your action, these also work for me. Remember small failures are just reminders that you are human, so be gentle on yourself and forgive the small (but very annoying, I know ;P) mistakes. Great post Erika!

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