The photo that made me cry

I have had several pictures taken of me that have not been very flattering but there is always that picture that makes you feel (and look) especially overweight. I have always had my attractiveness measured by my weight. Wrongly done or whatever but that’s the way it’s always been. Anyway, this picture brought me to tears because, officially, this is the fattest I’ve ever been.

And, in a week I have a wedding at the beach. The dreaded bikini time approaches and I couldn’t be more terrified. 😦




3 thoughts on “The photo that made me cry

  1. And your post made me cry, because you are such a beautiful soul, inside and out, and it’s never about the weight…

    Go and enjoy the wedding, enjoy the beach, make healthy food choices, play in the sunshine, get some exercise and worry less about your perceived flaws.

    Don’t make changes because of how OTHER people might view or judge you, make changes based upon it feeling good for you!
    Sending you much love

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