My latest obsession

I am a bit worried. Every time I like something/someone I become obsessed over it. “Charlieissocoollike” is no exception. I’ve been watching all of his youtube material ever since I bumped into a video this blogger posted. I felt identified with what he says he’s going through in the video so I started stalking investigating more about him. I think he is really funny, witty and smart. His English accent is the cherry on top. Ok, I admit it, I have developed a crush with an adorable young youtube sensation.


4 thoughts on “My latest obsession

  1. He`s fabulous! I love him too! Have been watching his videos for months now and am always excited when a new one pops up in my subscriptions box.

    • I know he is! F A B U L O U S indeed! I feel like a teenager! or a cougar? haha. It’s amazing how much I enjoy watching him and his silly challenges and pranks. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a Charlie fever haha.

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