We all have discipline. To what degree we use our discipline is up to us. It’s the one thing we can control. How successful we want to be in whatever we are trying to achieve comes down to what degree of discipline we choose to go by.


5 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. I agree Erika. You can control your discipline. Another thing that changed my life pretty drastically at the end of 2011 was starting to follow the mantra: E + R = O….essentially meaning…Event + Response = Outcome.

    While we usually have very little control over the ‘event’ that occurs our ‘response’ to the event will generally lead to how the outcome of the chain of events is perceived. Prior to reading the book I tended to always focus on the negatives – like if my boss gave me more work I focused on the resulting extra hours it would cause me to work rather than focusing on the opportunity to impress my boss and improve my skill set. This technique came from a ‘self-help’ book called ‘the Success Principles’ by Jack Canfield. While there is some ‘hoaky’ aspects of the book I did really instill the E+R = O concept in 2012 and it helped me to be more optimistic throughout 2012.

    Here’s to a good 2013!

    • My dad bought that book like ages ago! I will steal it from him and give it a read. I like that mantra! It is so very true!
      As always, thanks for your insightful, kind comment.
      Good 2013 to ya ;).

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