The day I acted instead of listening to my evil, lazy, crazy voice

Today my sister left to Orlando to work and study for 6 months. I barely cried at the airport. So, I repressed my sadness and it backfired at night, when I started crying incessantly. Not only did I cry because my little sister was leaving, I kept shedding tears because I wasn’t as effective as I wanted at work; I ate a big slice of chocolate cake; I keep caring too much about others’ opinions; I’m fat; I don’t have money to do and buy pretty things; I keep procrastinating; my brother is leaving Mexico for another whole year in less than a week, etc, etc, etc.

I was a crying mess, a depressed mess… I knew I could go to the gym and work out and feel so much better but my crazy voice kept telling me to stay home and dwell on my depression. But… I really wanna change, I wanna turn my life around, I wanna develop the habit of ignoring my crazy voice, and start feeding the sane one, the one who wants to recover, who wants to stop hating my beautiful self, who wants to quit criticising and wasting time.

I stopped rambling and got my running shoes out, my pants and sports bra, and headed to the gym. I hopped on a treadmill and ran like a crazy person.

4km and 40 minutes later I felt like myself again, all thanks to ACTION.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your advice and wisdom, dear reader (yes, you!). So thank you.

So, that’s that :).


12 thoughts on “The day I acted instead of listening to my evil, lazy, crazy voice

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