Bingey – binge

So, yup, today I binged. Wondering when those will cease to happen, or when I’ll be strong to stop them. I feel really disappointed in me.

It consisted on a lot of “Krave’s” cereal, 5 tostadas, half an avocado, ritz cookies and chocolate with amaranth and peanut butter.

I’m going to the gym now, I know I’ll be back with a better mood, but I wish it hadn’t happened.


5 thoughts on “Bingey – binge

  1. From my ego driven perspective I want to say I will never binge … ever … ever! From a human perspective I am not going to binge right now and I’ve decided not today. That’s as far I I can get. Hang in there. Commit the the moment. Be in the moment. God’s in the moment.

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