A different approach

  • 4 large cookies
  • 7 Reese’s buttercups
  • Potato chips with creamy dressing
  • A big plate of pasta
  • Steamed rice with philadelphia cheese, avocado, surimi, chipotle creamy sauce and soy sauce.
  • A piece of chocolate cake

I felt quite guilty, quite heavy while eating everything in a period of 3 hours during the night.

Today I choose to be grateful of this binge to remind me that I keep trying to fill a void, and to see that I need to work harder on myself in order to know that I deserve a binge-free, self-loving life.

I deserve only the best. I deserve my love and respect. I deserve to listen to my inner loving voice. I deserve to take care of my whole beautiful self. I deserve to work hardly and consistently on myself to develop positive habits. I deserve to love me. I deserve to take care of me. I deserve happiness and peace. I deserve discipline.


3 thoughts on “A different approach

  1. A thought in motion remains in motion unless it is introduced to a thought of equal or greater value—then it will stop. Find something of greater value to think about. Stop thinking about bingeing or not bingeing, cake or no cake, failure or no failure, four or seven, big or small, working harder or not working harder.

    Who do you want to be? What are you contributing to humanity? Who are you loving today? Where are you spreading the joy today? Get busy being her. There is no time for anything else. Start living. It’s time.

    Always remember … I love you.

  2. So how did you feel before you started binging? Do you know what triggered it? If you can, hide your craving foods behind other yummy healthy options! Buy popped rice cakes with ranch and if you have potato chips in the house, place these right in front. Try to see the healthy stuff before the bad stuff.

    I know you got this and I am happy to see you not beating yourself up about it! But you definitely need to focus on why these binges happen before you can stop them from happening. =D

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