Motivational Wednesday

“The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they’ve gotten.”

“Everyone notices everyone else’s problems but never pay attention to their own. People don’t know anything about themselves because they’re worried about everybody else.”

.-Nadia Aboulhosn



12 thoughts on “Motivational Wednesday

      • At the moment I’m training for a half-marathon so I run 4 days a week.

        Last week I ran a total of 48km. But this week is a step-back week where I reduce the volume so I will only run 35km.

        If you feel trashed after running 5km perhaps you’re running too fast?

        A good rule-of thumb is:

        “if you can just maintain a conversation whilst running then it’s a good, general level of aerobic exercise”


      • I am focusing on doing sprints every 500meters on the treadmill. I run on a 7.5km/hr pace; the sprints last 10 meters and vary amongst 10, 11 or 12km/hr. My brother explained that it would be a good way to develop endurance and condition. My main goal is losing weight and having strong legs. I heard somewhere that in order to do effective running over a treadmill, you shouldn’t be able to speak. So now I’m confused haha.

      • Mmmmm. That’s one way of doing it. Technically there’s really no right or wrong method or routine. Whatever works for you is best.

        However, I think it’s important to:
        a. enjoy it
        b. make it interesting
        c. have a balance between hard and easy workouts

        I’ll post in my blog shortly more details but what I do at the moment is four different workouts a week.

        For example, this week I am running:

        Mon intervals 4x1200m sprints at 5km race pace i.e. 4m30s per km with a 3min break in-between and a 2km warm-up and cool-down

        Tue recovery 6km @ 6min per km

        Wed tempo 8km @ half-marathon race pace i.e. 5min per km with 2km warm-up and 2km cool-down

        Thu walk

        Fri long run 20km @ 5m45s pace

        Sat & Sun walk

        Intervals are for speed, tempo runs are to improve my lactate threshold, and long runs are for endurance.

        All are hard workouts one way or another. So the recovery run is an easy one. As is walking.

        As I’ve posted before, exercising to lose weight is not the answer. It’s important to do it but the impact it has on weight-loss is only a small factor. Diet, specifically sugar (read fructose) and alcohol, is the real culprit.

        As for speaking whilst running? Mon & Wed are fast so I can’t speak. Tue & Fri are slow so I can speak easily.

        I hope this helps a little.

        I’ll chat again soon 😉 Kim*

  1. That first quote is something that I too need to remember, especially when I feel that not much has changed, or when I am stuck somewhere in my recovery. Looking back is useful to see where I have come, while keeping my eyes on the road ahead, Thank you for sharing of yourself and your motivations.


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