What inspires me…

It seems like all I talk about are my binges and setbacks but, to be quite frank (and fair), I lead a very happy life. I also think I am used to enhance and highlight my failures because it keeps me stuck, stuck in my comfort zone and falsely “safe”. I wanna share images and stuff in general that keep me inspired, feed my dreams and make me wanna get out of that mediocre comfort zone.

Beautiful clothes

Beautiful clothes


Impeccable design

Impeccable design

Self-love promoting quotes.

Self-love promoting quotes.

Powerful, successful women

Powerful, successful women

My beautiful family

My GORGEOUS family


9 thoughts on “What inspires me…

  1. You’re quite right. Your talk of “binges and setbacks” does give me the impression you live in a deep, dark, black hole with little fun & enjoyment. Struggling to be motivated. Lamenting the circumstances you find yourself in.

    I’m so happy to see this positive side of you. Inspiring things that challenge who you are and what you want to become.

    You have such a wondeful gift and are so talented it seems a shame for it to be wasted on negativity.

    Take care. Kim*


  2. It’s wonderful to see us not only getting inspired, but sharing it with others as well…and that is what you do with the light of your words and now these images. I too love the family picture…beautiful!


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