The power of being grateful

This post’ll be cheesy, I warn you.

Tonight I looked up at the big, bright moon and, for the first time in years, didn’t ask for anything, I only thanked her. For shedding light, for smiling down at us, for it’s mere existence and possession of breathtaking beauty.

Tonight I’m going to sleep without having binged, without having done anything I didn’t want to, without guilt sleeping by my side. This night I realise a process of recovery requires small steps to outnumber setbacks, trips and downfalls.

Tonight I’m choosing to be delighted… and delighted I am.


7 thoughts on “The power of being grateful

  1. Nothing cheesy about it, my friend. It’s beautiful. I have many moments like that, where I just sit and take in nature. The power and beauty is majestic, when I am able to take it in, when I am in a place within myself to listen to it, and know that there is so much more out there than just me. Many of my worries disappear – I get into another place of perspective and see that I am meant to be here, like you are, like we all are.

    Thanks for this wonderful little share. 🙂

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