Words would utterly fail me…

That is how I’ve been feeling lately. That’s why I haven’t posted so often. I enjoy seeing pictures more than I do describing them. This is me and my friend during our trip to Ixtapa. Her family invites me every year to enjoy, along with them, indescribable sunsets, heavenly meals and dinner, 50’s, 60’s and jazz music, pink wine and great company. Abundance is a constant in my life. I just haven’t been paying attention. Thank God I am starting to.

“Every day, during 5 minutes, feel the feelings you most want to feel for the rest of your life. Until your entire life begins to change.”20130317_183336


15 thoughts on “Words would utterly fail me…

  1. You are such a pretty woman! And you are doing the right thing to enjoy your time with your loved ones, that`s the greatest way to become a happy person!
    On another note, have you read “The Happiness Project” by chance? I think it`s a great book, you might want to look at that!

    • Awwww! Thanks for the lovely compliment.
      I haven’t read that book! I’ll make sure to look for it. I’m currently reading “Happy for no reason” and “Meditations from the mat”, and absolutely loving them.
      You wrote a post concerning that book, right? 🙂

      • No, not that one, but I will, I`m almost done with it. But I think it`s great!
        I heard about “Happy for no reason”. Is it good? I want to read that.

  2. That is happiness right there…not strained, not composed, not forced, not posed…just joy in a moment. I am so very happy for you and blessed to “know” you. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    Love and Light,

    • I am also very blessed to follow your blog and having you following mine, it’s amazing how much I have learned of myself by reading others :). Thanks for reading.

      Endless love and light.

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