Getting myself back

I decided to read my previous posts all the way back to when I started this blog and, opposite to what I used to read in my old non-virtual journals, I felt EXTREMELY good about myself. I don’t give Erika enough credit for what she does, I forget to be kind to her. Focusing on my negatives comes so easy to me that I tend to overlook my greatness.

Also, today as I was cooking myself some delicious paleo pancakes, I had this epiphany: I focus so much on comparing myself to others and diminishing EVERYTHING about me, that I just stay paralysed and feel sad/do nothing.

I am following TOO MANY beautiful blogs! So many that I barely have time to keep up with reading them and invest time on my (also beautiful) space in the www. I also follow way too many instagram accounts concerning fitness, positivity, inspiring quotes, etc. that I end up looking down on my own progress, work, blog, etc. I end up developing an obsession with everything and set unreachable standards for myself in order to feel badly. I’m a perfectionist so I judge myself too harshly. So, that must stop, I must get out of my way and DO stuff.

My self confidence will be rebuilt by keeping my word, reaching goals and accumulating small successes each and every day. My friend Lisa told me that what I need is “loving discipline” and I think that’s true.

““You will never change your life until you change something you do daily”-M. Murdock

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Wake up at the FIRST alarm sound without pressing the snooze button 
  • Enjoy food, take time to eat
  • Spending only 1 hour on Facebook (this’ll be a tough one)
  • Refrain myself from criticising myself or others
  • Set dates for long-term goals
  • Be kind


    My body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what I write down


7 thoughts on “Getting myself back

  1. Looking good! I totally understand how you feel about feeling guilty and falling behind on catching up with other people’s lives… but hey, you have your own life to live! Don’t get sucked into caring about everyone! I took like a 4 month break to just chill and catch up on my own life. Sometimes that is just what you need! =D Live for you!

  2. I love how you have done you hair for the gym!
    And remember, people edit what they show online. Everyone has weaknesses and bad days. So don’t compare yourself to what people chose to show you. Leave your own wonderful life. You deserve it

  3. You will get chewed up comparing yourself to others here online and out there. I know because I have been a chronic comparer and I always, always, lost. I still lose when I do it today. I have my days of seeing how “great” other people are doing or how “popular” other people are, etc. I put those words in quotes because that is how I perceive it – the truth is always different. I have to control how I react and perceive things. I also have to look at where I am in comparison to me only…not anyone else. To compare to anyone else is unfair to me and to the other person.

    You are doing fantastic…you have seen much of your truth, so let that guide you. Create your own landmarks and guideposts…don’t use anyone else’s.

    Love and light,

    • Tell me about it! I struggle with comparison (the thief of joy) and caring too much about other people’s opinion (another thief). As always, such an insightful comment 🙂 Thanks! I’m glad you are a follower now 😀 !!

  4. Know what you mean. It’s easy to follow blogs of the rich, famous and beautiful and then look down on yourself. But remember that just because they don’t write about the bad stuff in their lives it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen!

    Love you’re hair in that picture by the way 😉

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