What kept me from bingeing 2

I had a tiny meal (capresse salad) so I was really hungry afterwards and the crazy voice inside said: “this is a perfect excuse to binge!!!”.

I got home, wishing to find something to binge on. I ate an amaranth bar and decided to wash my office tupperware.

Action and energy appliance in other productive, helpful things keeps me out of the cycle. Lisa, you would be proud! 😉



4 thoughts on “What kept me from bingeing 2

  1. Nice view from the window there, Erika!
    I am glad to hear that you found another way to channel that unease, that discomfort into something productive, no matter how inconsequential it is. The fact that it took you away from the binge means that the act of cleaning that tupperware was in fact, very monumental! Very glad to hear that.


    P.S Like the new look…but where is the “Like” button? I like the like button 😉

    • Thanks! It’s my house garden :).
      I find other ways to channel the unease but sometimes I run out of ways and go back to the old ones!! This weekend, for example. I drank, and when I drink I always overeat… But I’m already back on track. Thanks for the comment, as always.

      PS: I’m sorry, the like button is now available again.

  2. I am always proud of you. You are perfect just the way you are. As we see the beauty within, really see it, we begin to choose again to do things like the dishes. I did the same thing the other night. Getting ready for my son’s birthday party I wanted to eat candy. I went straight upstairs and brushed my teeth. I grumbled the whole way up the steps too. I wanted to eat candy! But I wanted not to, just a tiny bit more. We both had a successful night. I love you.
    So cheers to another day of loving who we are. xox

    • 🙂 It’s amazing how your teaching of being of service is so important and relevant! I love this and it is being my saviour. I love how we are connected. Thank youuuuuu, always!
      Cheers for self love, indeed.

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