Principles for May

  1. Want more for others than you want for yourself. Whatever it is that you perceive to be missing, whatever addictions you struggle with, whatever lack of luck, whatever lack of peace, want the peace you want for yourself, more for others.
  2. Think from the end. See yourself surrounded by the people and the events that you want in your life. In order to manifest what you want, act as if it’s already here. Begin with the end in mind.
  3. Be an appreciator of your life. Concentrate on what is valuable in your life. Make yourself and your life valuable.
  4. Stay in rapport to your source energy. The source energy where we come from is pure abundance. Be in a state of harmony with the source. Ask the question: Is this how my source thinks?
  5. Every thought that you have that is other than that which you emanated from is resistance. Every unkind thought, uncreative thought, of judgement, of depression, of fear, of comparison, of “it can’t happen”, it’s all resistance. If you think that all of this is bullshit, then it is, if you think this won’t work, then it won’t. The universal source will help you fulfill your belief.
  6. Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions which you want to produce. You are one with source and all of it’s principles.
  7. Understand the art of allowing. Allowing means taking the path of least resistance. Every time you have a thought that has resistance is because you have created an absence of allowing.
  8. Practice radical humility. You are not this body you are in, you aren’t your possessions, you aren’t your mind, you are a divine source of power and abundance.
  9. Be in a constant state of gratitude. Be grateful for everything that shows up. Stay in a state of being generous and grateful. What could be more generous than that which has allowed you to come from the infinite source to the material world and back?
  10. Keep in mind that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it. Any problem that you have where you use shame, you are using the lowest energy there is in the universe.
  11. Play the match game. Always ask yourself: am i matched up with the field of intention?
  12. Meditate: It is a way of staying connected to the source. The only thing you cannot divide is God. Silence cut in half is silence. Stay in the gap.

Happiness depends on how I arrange my mind.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Taken from here.


7 thoughts on “Principles for May

  1. You sound like a life coach. I love this post. And yes, today I will stay in the gap. All the answers are in that silent place. How quickly I forget this. Love to you my beautiful one. Me

    • haha, I borrowed it from Wayne Dyer, actually ;). And YES! Silence, the gap, it is all true and forgettable. I did this post merely to remind myself where to stay at, in connection with the source. Love you more!!!!!

    • I’m only doing yoga once a week and I want that to change because I just LOOOVE it!
      I don’t understand how to meditate exactly, and when I try, I fall asleep or end up with more thoughts in my head than when I started haha. I must keep trying because I think it’s important.
      If you liked this, I got it from Wayne Dyer, I wish I had come up with it on my own.

      • He is very calm, serene and down to earth. I had a picture taken with him on the boat as we went to an island for the day – it’s hard because so many people want his attention. Same with the book signing. I gave him my book (which had a story of mine along with 21 others) but he gets so many he just tossed it aside. I get it though… hearing him speak live was great though!

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