Facebook lies

I just saw this picture on my Facebook newsfeed and the footnote said: “We did it, baby, let’s go for more, I love youuuuuuuuu!”

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 11.09.53 PM

This is one of many pictures this particular couple post constantly, they’ve been together for a year or two. Last December I met her in a party (I am  friends with him), he introduced me to her saying how she was the love of his life. Fast forward 5 hours and a lot of cocktails later, he took her home and returned to the party to hit on me, like, not in a discrete way. Of couuuurse nothing happened cause I didn’t want to, nor intended to but the moral of this story is that whenever any of you see posts or pictures of a seemingly perfect life/couple/marriage/family on Facebook or wherever, know that probably most of them are lies.

Remember this, Erika, whenever you feel down for not being as “perfect” as all of the people that surround you appear to be. 



6 thoughts on “Facebook lies

  1. We all present ourselves in different ways to different people, to some respect. FB is no different, I imagine. I guess it’s hard to make a blanket statement based on the poor judgement of one amorous young man 😉 I just think of someone like my mom who post pics of the grand kids, some family stuff, church events, inspiring quotes, etc…she isn’t talking about the other things going on in her life that maybe she isn’t interested in others knowing about. It is a lie of omission? I am not sure in that respect it is…its just a social media light kind of thing going on.

    Regardless, not cool what dude did there, but it’s not like he’s the first to do it. People will show themselves one way and often act another. We alcoholics / addicts are masters of this while active, aren’t we? I know when I hear or see something like that…for the Grace of God.


    • My moms just posts happy stuff too, nothing concerning her personal life. I think I’m like that in a way. I just needed to remind myself how fake facebook can be!

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