Shout out for love

“Now, you can’t just go into the pantry and expect everything to be ok because, chances are, it won’t, it will only get worse”.- That is what I say to myself to talk me into stop bingeing, yet the voice who speaks the truth (the voice of love, that is) seems to be so quiet and laid back I choose to not listen to it.

Yesterday I talked to Lisa and, after my previous post, she helped me get to the bottom of why I criticise myself so harshly. She asked me, amongst many, some very eyeopening questions but, by far, the most striking and shattering ones were:

Do you think you’re surrounded by people who judge enough to feel that it’s ok to critique others?

Could it be that maybe because you judge others so ruthlessly, you feel everyone judges you?

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with”. Definitely the people who surround me are experts at judging… no wonder why I have become one, too. The thing is that I am as much to blame as the people who surround me for being judgemental. The worst part is that I have immersed into negativity, and I don’t know how to get out of it.

Well, fortunately I have guidance and this is what I am aiming for these days:

Enjoying and loving myself exactly how I am right now, not 20 pounds lighter, not with a better job, etc. Getting close to people who go through the same battles I go through so we can support each other and cheer each other up.

Knowing that my natural, healthy weight will find its way when I show love and respect for my temple: my body. I’ve been feeding my negative wolf and starving the positive one. The negative voice LOVES eating compulsively, and judging, and sleeping in, and procrastinating.

Talk about being an expert in the negative field.

Instead of being an expert in criticising, I must focus on lifting others up, on pointing their positive traits and what makes them beautiful (on the inside and out). I’ll see a mirror in them. I’ll do additional journal work, in order to tell myself everything that is beautiful and valuable about me. Feed the loving voice all day long. Say stuff about myself that I love, praise myself, celebrate my inner and outer beauty! BRING THE PRESENCE TO NOW. Quieting the critic, not trying to eliminate it. Don’t allow hate to take over. Recognise it and stop!

This week I’ve been trying and have realised how much work I still have to do.

Recognise the love within and expand it, spread it.

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11 thoughts on “Shout out for love

    • Yes, I love it too!!!! I had heard it before but I learned the source through a Marie Forleo episode; Jim Rohn said it!
      It gives us a lot to think about! 🙂

  1. I love the intimacy of this post. (I wish sometimes that I was commenting anonymously so you (no one) knew it was me. I love watching you look at the hard things about you. I, too, am guilty of judging others harshly. Until I took a look at it I was not able to move through it. Healing is a process, not an event. You are healing. Continue to be kind to yourself, everyday.
    ps. can I be one of the 5 closest people to you? wait we live too far apart. darn

    • This post was written right after we spoke, with the stuff I wrote down during our session :).
      I’m trying to be kind to myself, and I’m finding it to be hard! I’m so used to being mean!!!! I am aware this is all part of the process.
      Please be one of the 5 closest people!!!! It’s ok if you live far away! 😀 !!!
      Much love, Lis!

      • This is the incredible awareness; “I’m so used to being mean” … who in the heck can or wants to honestly admit this? This is your Point of Origin: Point O … This is good news … incredible, incredible, incredible! Feel this. Let this voice the mean voice talk to you and tell you why it speaks so much. Get back with me.

  2. This is a very honest and inspiring post, my friend. i love it. I love that you are loving yourself. Very groovy. Sometimes when I read these posts, I see that I have a lot of work in that department too. Thank you for this.


    • Thank youu for stopping by, Paul!!!! I am a self-love project under construction, and I’m enjoying it, but not every single day of it…
      I’m getting there, though 🙂

  3. Excellent article! Thank you for sharing so honestly of your journey. I can resonate with what you’re saying and it helps me feel not so alone in my struggles.
    This part is especially beautiful: “Enjoying and loving myself exactly how I am right now, not 20 pounds lighter, not with a better job, etc. Getting close to people who go through the same battles I go through so we can support each other and cheer each other up.” WOW! I love all of this and I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you again for sharing.
    I’m always uplifted when I visit your blog. I feel honored to see you’ve included the concluding statement from my own recent post. Thank you dear heart! Here’s the link to the post if you’d like to see it again:
    Peaceful Hugs, Gina

    • I didn’t remember the source! Thanks for reminding it to me, I absolutely and totally love me some Professions for Peace, I find every post you write to be uplifting and wonderful!!! I wish I could meet more people like you in person, your kindness shows in every word. I thank you for posting such wonderful things all the time 😉

  4. You touch on sooo many important points especially in the final paragraphs when you wrote “bring the presence to now”. It’s so important. You/everyone/me always lives somewhere else, but never in the presence. Now is key.
    And now because I already know you a little better: you are such a pretty woman inside and out! And so strong and your words always remind me of that. Keep up the positivity and spreading so much love. I think you give the people you love a lot, and that’s wonderful about you!

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