Instead of “does he like me?”, “Do I like myself?”

So, remember how I talked about the boy I like at the gym? Well, through wise advise from friends and self realisations, I’ve come up with several conclusions that I wanna share.

By wondering if he likes me, if he’ll go to the gym, if he thinks I look good while running, etc., I’ve been giving too much power to what he thinks, and while doing that, I idealised and glorified him. By doing so, I had him on a pedestal and found it impossible to look at him, let alone talk to him.

So, yesterday I chose to shift my perception and not look at him from a crush mindset but rather look at him as any other guy. I dropped the expectations and just let it be. He intervened while I was on the leg press machine and said that I would damage my knees the way I was doing it; he also helped me find some weights and was overall interested in what I was doing in the weight room. I didn’t try to interpret his actions, I just allowed them to happen and it felt so damn good.

And I basically concluded that either he likes me or not, either people approve of me or not, I like and love myself and keep working on it every single day. expectations 2expectations 1


4 thoughts on “Instead of “does he like me?”, “Do I like myself?”

  1. Wooo!!! Great post! I love your blog, it reminds me of watching a movie in which you hope the main character will over come the obstacles and then she does it and you feel a sense of joy and excitement…the best part is that you are a REAL person and you are REALLY growing and sharing your adventures with all of us. Thank you!!

  2. Love this, Erika. What a fantastic outlook you had there, and how you kept through it even when interacting with him. Loving oneself is the big thing, and people pick up on this kind of energy. You have a wonderful energy, Erika…let it shine, my friend 🙂


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