FREE Intuitive Tarot Reading by Joyful Lotus

Check Joyful Lotus out and get the chance to win a free Tarot Reading!

joyful cacophony

I am a professional Tarot reader and Reiki practitioner.  My friend and I started a business called Joyful Lotus in order to share our intuitive and healing gifts with others.

I do Intuitive Tarot Readings. An Intuitive Tarot Reading is not the same as “fortune telling.” My talented business partner, Mina, designed this amazing information card to help our clients understand our services:


Are you interested?

As a way to gain valuable feedback and practice I would like to offer a free Intuitive Tarot reading (either by email or in person) to three random participants who respond to this post and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Visit the Joyful Lotus website and take a look around.

Step 2: Leave a comment below and answer these questions:

What do you enjoy most about the Joyful Lotus website? 

What did you feel was missing from our website?

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