Love is the way

I thought I was ready, that is why I called her in the first place. My old nutritionist, that is. And she is a good nutritionist! Her “diet” isn’t strict, everything is allowed in the right amount, in moderate portions. I’m talking flour, sugar, chocolate, everything is allowed. I love her system, I do. But then, while I was eating that last piece of chocolate chip cookie in the morning (even though I was beyond full), I remembered that going to a nutritionist isn’t the solution. Self love is, breeding healthy habits is, listening to my body is, loving my body the way it is today is the answer.

Today I saw an friend of a friend at the mall. He didn’t see me. 2 years ago he lost a LOT of weight, like people didn’t even recognise him afterwards. He lost the weight with the help of a nutritionist and he felt and looked great. I was in awe with his story, I got motivated and decided to try (yet another time) to go to a nutritionist. Months later, I was bingeing and barfing again. Today I saw that man I am talking about and he has gained the weight back again. I don’t think me seeing him was a coincidence. 

The point of this post/story? 

Going back to a nutritionist will help me lose weight quickly but not definitely. Eating consciously and healthily every single day will contribute to build healthy habits for my entire life. 

So, once again, LOVE is ALWAYS the way. 


12 thoughts on “Love is the way

  1. Wonderful, Erika. Self-love can include seeing the nutritionist, yes? Self-love comes in all guises, and seeking help in areas we need help in is one way of that self-love manifesting. I went to a nutritionist many years ago (I was still drinking at the time, but quit while I was on my plan) and lost a good amount of weight. Same thing as you – able to eat pretty much everything, but sugar and carbs were a bit low, and with the booze and exercising, I had a great plan! But the drinking came back and it all went south after that. But there can be a long-term thing with this, can’t there be? The nutritionist’s plan that is?

    Anyway, I will stop sounding like a big brother…lol. I know things will work out for you, and the most important part is that you are recognizing and fostering this self-love. 🙂


    • Aww, Paul, I love, love, love your comments. Everytime I see you have made a comment, I open them with excitement :).
      I talked to my dear nutritionist and came clean with her, explaining how I felt anxious again by trying to follow a regime. I am gonna try to be on my own, and to work each and every day with my relationship with food. When I feel ready I’ll call her back again. She has become a friend, and took the news wonderfully. Thanks for caring, dear friend!

  2. This is an important and valuable insight. I sometimes get really down on myself and in those darker moments I realize that the only thing keeping me from feeling happy or at peace is my own Ego, my own mind telling me I’m not good enough. Once we learn to quiet that voice we can do anything we dream of. Healing, growing, reaching new heights of self-exploration and love. Kudos to you for continuing on this difficult, narrow, but rewarding path! Self-loathing is easy, self-love is a challenge and you have accepted it! 🙂

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