Thank you. (Yes, you, goodlookin’ reader)

Hello, everybody. This is me, Erika.

A year ago I was a mess, a total and complete mess. I didn’t like my body, my job or myself… but I did nothing to change it, I just chose to be depressed. I thought depression was out of my control but actually, it was a choice. I chose not to be happy because I thought I needed many things to accomplish fulfilment or happiness. 

A year ago I was different but throughout it I chose to work with the tools I found through this blog, through all the wonderful people I read and the amazing ones who read me who I get to call friends. You know who you are ;).

I started this blog to be inspired and never imagined I would receive comments from people saying how I inspired them. You have been the ones who keep me going. Everytime I was down and wrote about it, one comment from an amazing person behind his/her computer would make me know I was not alone. I am not alone and I know it because of you. 

I wanna tell you that you are an extremely important factor in my recovery and I love you for that.

A year ago I didn’t have a blog family. Today, I do. 

Love, me. Image 

PS: Keep writing in your wonderful blogs. Even though I’ve been absent from mine, I’ve kept reading yours. 



13 thoughts on “Thank you. (Yes, you, goodlookin’ reader)

  1. Tener acceso a este blog es de las cosas que más disfruto en la vida. Me emocionó mucho que hubieras vuelto a inscribir. No tienes idea la inspiración, energía y buena vibra que recibo de aquí. ❤ Gracias.

  2. What a wonderful description of where you were, what happened and where you are now. It’s amazing how close we get out here, how we inspire one another, how we are there for one another (I learned that one!) and in the end we see that we are all so similar in many ways. I miss your posts here, but I know that you are living a wonderful life right now. Not perfect, like the rest of us, but seeming to be a part of things, not apart.

    Big hugs from Canada,


    • Paul! I didn’t know you were from Canada! Where in Canada? I have family and a dear friend living in Vancouver!
      As you say, my life ain’t close to being perfect but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I miss blogging too. I still have a long way to go so I will keep blogging for a while 🙂
      I love reading you, it illuminates me.
      Thanks for the amazing support, Paul.
      Thanks always.
      Love, Erika

      • Hi Erika – I am from Toronto. Vancouver is nice – went there a few years ago (long flight!)

        Anyway, glad you are still here, my friend. Miss ya, but we all have our things to do 🙂

        I am always around. That’s just what we do around here…love and support!! You rock, Erika.

        Blessings and hugs,

  3. I am going to get back in the swing of writing. I have been distracted lately and forgotten how wonderful it feels to receive your support, encouragement and insights. I love sharing my posts in the hopes that I can connect with someone. i have deprived myself of that lately, and I’m not really sure why. Thank you for posting this and reminding me of how good it feels to be part of the WordPress community. You continue to inspire and amaze me. Gotta love synchronicity ❤

    Namaste and Happy Holidays!


    • Kaycie! Merry Christmas, dear friend! I am so happy to see you’re back! We are both back 😉 . You teach me so, so much. How’s the pregnancy going? Hope everything’s flowing harmoniously. Enjoy this wonderful time :). Lots of love, always.

    • Thanks for calling my blog “delightful”, specially from you, Gina, who owns such a wonderful one! My best wishes to you, dear! Have a wonderful year 😀 😀

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