Focusing on the good, rather than on the bad.

Ok, so this weekend I allowed myself to wallow again. I felt especially bad because I am single. I went to a (very boring) bachelorette party and chose to let some insensitive comments get under my skin. I also happened to be surrounded by women who are either married, engaged or waiting to get engaged. So, obviously the subjects on the table were weddings, babies, honeymoons and husbands. I believe I am surrounded by friends who focus a little bit too much on having a partner or not. I am not surrounded by dream-achievers, disciplined, inspiring people… yet I allow these other people to influence me and make me feel lousily. 

Why, Erika, why? 

Because I focus on the wrong things. Being single is my current state. Single is my reality. My single-ness is a blessing and I am viewing it (and always have) as a flaw.

I am pursuing a relationship so much because I believe it will bring me happiness.

But only I can bring myself happiness. A relationship won’t change my current state, it will only enhance the love I am creating within. 

This post is to remind myself of the blessing it is to be single and ditch the limiting beliefs of society or the people around me who think someone is only happy with a partner by his/her side. 

Only I can make myself happy. And I am choosing to be happy right now. 


2 thoughts on “Focusing on the good, rather than on the bad.

  1. I truly believe, dear Erika, that someone special will enter your life when you least expect it. I know how terrible that waiting period is, but meanwhile just go and do all the things that you will not be able to do when you are in a relationship 😉 Love xx

  2. The people you attract are responding to what you are sending out to the Universe. It’s not that you are focused on singleness being “bad” or a “blessing” …the problem lies in the fact that you think about your “singleness” at all! So long as you over-identify yourself as “a single woman” rather than as “Erica an aspect of Divine Creation with a unique perspective and unique gifts to offer the World” you are going to attract people like that talking about stuff like that…Law of Attraction is so simple it makes me sick sometimes. I mean I will catch myself doing the same thing, but when I realize I”m doing it I’m like “aww duh! Dammit you got me again Universe!” Lol.

    Sorry to ramble here, but I feel like I needed to read this post so bad right now! I have been doing the same thing and we both need to stop it! Focus on the things you want in life (e.g. love, excitement, joy, passion, adventure, growth, peace, healing…) and that’s the kind of stuff you will attract (fun people, exciting encounters, peaceful evenings, etc. etc. etc…).

    I want you to also remember to stop and take a look at where you are and appreciate the journey. Life is not about “getting somewhere” it’s all about Being Here, Now. So long as you are present, breathe in the moment, accept and love yourself, and can feel excited, joyful and at peace then you are successful, no matter “where you are”. Got it? I hope so because you are amazing and you deserve to feel that way 100% of the time !

    Go Erica! ❤ ❤ ❤

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