40 Promises Every Woman Should Make To Her Body


Thought Catalog

1. To give it the fuel it needs, not just because society tells her she needs to shovel down greens that have the texture of sadness to stay trendy or thin, but because all those nutrients help her body regenerate and grow from the inside out.

2. But also, to have something delicious because she can — and not berate herself, justify her choices, or even call it “an indulgence” afterward. Dessert, donuts, and that extra-fatty cut of steak are nothing more than delicious. That is all they need to be.

3. To not be afraid of cellulite.Almost everyone has some, and it shouldn’t be feared like the second coming of Freddy Kreuger.

4. To only wear clothes that don’t just flatter her body in any societal definitions of what “flattering” means, but make her feel like her true self is being expressed as she wants to express it.


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