Stuck to say the least

I’m in a job where I like what I do… most days. Some days I don’t feel like I’m growing or going anywhere and even though I wouldn’t have studied something other than Graphic Design, I sometimes wonder:

Why can’t I earn more money?

Why can’t I be independent?

Why can’t I be at my ideal, healthy weight?

Why can’t I have better exercise habits?

Why can’t I be braver to quit my job and find something that fulfills me?

Why can’t I be more talented, more beautiful, more centered and smart?

The answers to these questions are unknown. I hope I’m not just a mediocre human being who will always be mediocre in every aspect of my life.



6 thoughts on “Stuck to say the least

  1. You are not mediocre! Most people are in jobs that could be better, most of us would love to earn more etc. But life is such that we can’t all “live from our passion”. However, what we can all do is make the most of what we have and find ways to to realize ourselves outside of work. There are so many beautiful things to be enjoyed outside of all this. Take care xoxox

    • Merci beaucoup ma belle meuf! Je parle francais maintenant! On pourra parler un peu sur mon blog :). Je fais des erreures encore, mais j’aime ta langue et je suis en train de ameilleoureur. Et merci pour les mots de courage. Tu es la meilleure! Je t’embrasse! Bisous!

  2. Be recovered this moment. For one minute today feel and breathe your recovered-ness. You are already magnificent. Nothing needs to change for you to be incredible. Breathe in incredible. I love you, dearly

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